Official Channel Islands Spray Render UK Stockist

Spray render is a quick and easy way to apply render, saving time and costs on labour. It gives a crisp, clean finish and comes in over 50 standard colours. This makes it very competitive when it comes to coloured renders.

As the official Spray Render stockist in the Channel Islands, we use only the highest quality materials from K-Rend, Parex, and Weber, which are the recognised leading brands.

Spray rendering provides better insulation compared to traditional rendering.

The time taken to spray render is far shorter than traditional rendering. Spray rendering application is cheaper than traditional rendering, and for the majority of projects, only requires one application.

The long term maintenance of a spray rendered surface usually costs less than traditional rendering as the render is already coloured so there is no need to paint it.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information regarding Spray Render

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